About Switchpoint

Beyond food and shelter: Switchpoint Community Resource Center is a stepping stone to independence for homeless individuals. 

A train naturally follows the path of a railroad track, but one simple device is used to redirect them when needed. This mechanism is crucial for efficiently getting trains to their intended destinations, a feat nearly impossible otherwise. The name of this device is a switch point. 

The homeless face many obstacles to become functional members of society. They are like a train stuck on a track without opportunities to change the course and direction of their lives. The Switchpoint Community Resource Center was established by The City of St. George to provide the support and services needed to get the homeless back on track, all in one central location. Switchpoint holds the promise of a fresh start and ample opportunity to improve one’s circumstances. 

The Switchpoint Community Resource Center is equipped to accommodate up to 80 individuals who are in need of temporary housing. Each of the 16 rooms has its own shower, sink, and toilet and the facility has a full-functioning kitchen, laundry room, multi-purpose room, pantry, and a training center with 50 computers. The need for Switchpoint is apparent, as the resource center was filled to capacity the first day it opened on August 29, 2014. 

While giving the homeless a hot meal, a clean bed, and a roof over their heads will help in the short term, more is needed. The journey back to stable and decent housing begins as soon as new residents arrive. Each person meets with a case manager and receives a comprehensive needs assessment. Individualized plans of action are formed to get them marketable, employed, housed, and equipped with the skills necessary to regain stability in their life, and help them obtain permanent housing. 

The motto of SwitchPoint is "It Takes All of Us." To give each person the best opportunity for success, local non-profit agencies will be on site to provide resources such as educational training, employment placement, and housing assistance. 

Visit www.switchpointcrc.org for more information.