Friday, September 4, 2015

You can't make this stuff up!

This started out as a day we should have just gone back to bed. First off, a major thunderstorm soaked us over night. David and Don slept snug as bugs in the motel and didn't even know there was a storm. We packed up the wet tent and headed out. When we got to our take off point a friendly dog, aka"otis", greeted us all and hung around watching us get our bikes ready. We headed down the road and Otis was running down the road next to us. For the next 3 miles, Otis ran along side us with his tongue wagging as if we were the slow ones and he was out for a stroll. Finally, we flagged down a truck and asked him to run Otis back to town.
Next odd thing, at mile 24 a couple state patrol came by and turned their lights on . We thought it was because we were fertilizing the outdoors. But they wanted to know if we had seen a bear. A bear!! A dead bear! The rest of the day my neck was swiveling like a bobble head looking for bears.
We hit the lizard head Summitt for lunch. It was the most stunning and beautiful scenery we have seen on this trip. 10,222 ft. But the mountain is almost 14,000.
The next weird event was we found a cellphone on the road. I jumped off and picked it up in case we could track down the owner. When we plugged it in at night it rang off the hook and had a million text messages but we couldn't answer it because the screen was broken.
We met a biker on the road loaded down and he was headed the opposite direction. He had been on the road since april. His name was logan, the unitic. His cause was Lyme disease awareness.
We finally get into camp at the ridgeway state park. We go to take a shower and the darn thing needs 4 quarters to turn on for 4 minutes! Aargh. I met a lady from Brazil and she couldn't figure out what the sign meant or that she had to pay for a shower. What a rip off!
Thought for the day- eastern utah and western colorado are very patriotic.  Flags flying, houses painted with flags on the shutters, God bless America banners, bikers with soldiers for Jesus on their backs, etc. I felt so grateful to be an American as we rode through these towns. I hope we are all grateful to those who fight for us. In a restaurant in Cortez, the owner had a shrine up in honor of his son.
Lizard head pass

Logan, the unitic 

Rico, darling little town


  1. Are you finding homeless folks to chat with on your journey?

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  3. Seems like a dead bear is more preferable than a live bear; just sayin. Were you able to answer the age old question as you were (ahem) fertilizing the outdoors?