Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 37-First time for everything

Today we woke up to rain again. It never stopped in the 75 miles of riding. When I say rain, I mean lots of rain. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast with our friend Carole who we met last night. (I think she looks like Meryl Streep). We decided that being wet doesn't hurt ya, so we rode on. We only had one mishap crash today. We were trying to turn around on a wrong turn and tipped over. Road rash with wet clothes is real fun. It looked like slow motion movie when we went down but it felt fast. Then we were heading down a hill when we heard a "clink clink". Bob couldn't get the back brake to work so we pulled into a church parking lot and used their picnic area which had a covered porch to fix the bike. Bob and my dad have learned a lot of fix it moves on this trip. We just want to be able to finish this trip with no more mechanical problems... Only 2 more days .....

Thought for the day- Many of us have fears. We are afraid to try things because we are scared of failure. It takes a first time attempt to get over some fears. Sometimes we don't try things because it is out of our comfort zone. Other times it is because we don't want to offend anyone. One thing I have learned on this trip is to stretch myself and my comfort zone. Have some first time victories.

First time things on this trip-
1. Riding 100's of miles in the rain.
2. Eating peanut butter for 30 straight days.
3. Bob growing a beard.
4. Sleeping in church parking lots.
5. Eating a Jamaican Beef Pie in Virginia
6. Wearing the same thing for 37 days
7. Hitting over 50 MPH on a bike
8. Doing laundry in a camper shower.
9. First time having a TDF suntan line (tour de france)
10. Using dog spray
Crazy times in the rain

Breakfast with Carole

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