Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 36- The Soggy Bottom Blues

Today was wet, wet and more wet. We woke up to rain and are going to bed to rain. But we needed to ride anyways. Can't get behind! We could only muster 88 miles because of the rain. I have never been so wet in my life. We wore rubber gloves over our cycle gloves, shoe covers, 3 shirts, shower cap on our helmet and 2 pairs of lycra bottoms. I didn't care that nothing matched. We sure got a lot of pitiful looks. Most people wonder why we are riding on a rainy day. One gal, named Carol- not kidding, stopped us and started talking to us about her bike across America that she did in 1977. Fascinating lady and we invited her to dinner. She is observing horses and writing a book about their emotions. I love meeting locals and hearing about their experiences. Carol is going to make us breakfast tomorrow morning. She even offered to dry all of our wet clothes.

Thought for the day- I was miserable cold and wet today and had a choice. The choice to keep riding or quit. I thought about the many people I have met who spent many nights on the streets- wet and cold. They didn't have the choices that I have. It becomes a survival mode when all you can think about is what you are going to eat, where you are going to sleep, how are you going to get warm. I couldn't stop thinking about chicken pot pie. I had become so focused on something pleasant, I could forget the misery of the rain. I suppose that is what alcohol or drugs do for some. It helps take away the present misery and pain. I so appreciated the Pope focusing on hunger and homelessness when he was visiting the US. It was all over the news as we drove by towns. I love his comment about prayer. He said pray for the hungry and then feed them!
Janis and I ready for the rain

Bob layered up

Tandem wet heads

No sunglasses needed today

Dinner with fantastic people- Janis and Carol

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