Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 35- Fall is in the air!

Well, after 100 miles today, we made it to Radford, Virginia. I am in utter amazement of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the lush valleys of Virginia. The leaves are all turning on the trees and we saw beautiful streams almost all day. We had our last three big climbs today and then the rest was up and down hills. I find the up and downs harder to do than the big mountains. We had a headwind all day because a storm is moving in so it was slow going. Finally made it to Radford just as it was getting dark. I have a feeling we will have rain the last 4 days of this trip. As we are getting closer to the end of our ride, it is an amazing feeling that we have actually rode our bike across America. The realization is that anyone could do just have to start. So many people thought we were crazy, including ourselves. But every day I rode a little bit to get ready. Every day I thought about what it would take. Then once we started the ride across America it changed to every day just pedal. Some days are slow, some days are painful and some days are brutal. But every day has been a learning experience. I have used this trip as research and development for Switchpoint. Learning from so many leaders I have met in towns and shelters along the way and listening to people who are in the trenches has been a valuable experience.

Getting ready to head out of Damascus, Virginia

Appalacian Pass 

Virginia Beauty


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  1. You guys are amazing!! You are an inspiration to us all and have shown us anything can be accomplished when you set a goal!!!