Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 33 and 34- God Bless America!

Out of all the days on the road, today was the prettiest. People who never go see America are missing out on the diversity and beauty. I asked people on the road all day yesterday and today if they had ever been to the Atlantic Ocean. Many said, "no, why would we leave our holler?" They have no idea what is out there. I saw so many people sitting on their porch, not working. I hollered up to three guys, "hey, how come you are aren't at work?" They hollered back, "cause we're waiting for the paint to dry." We stopped at a Walmart in Kentucky right before the border. A man was asking if there was any work at Walmart. The employee said there was over 3000 people out of work so stand in line. Coal is the major business and it is out of business in Kentucky. So many people are in poverty. Yesterday we rode from Mckee to Elkhorn City, crossed into the Breaks Interstate Park. It was stunning since the leaves on the trees are all turning. Nights have gotten cooler and the mornings are cold to ride the first couple of hours, but we are so happy with fall!

We had a special surprise guest show up today. A friend, Michael Cardon drove 6 hours to meet up with us in Damascus tonight. He lives in Ohio! What a nice break for us to visit.

Funny names today for roads- Sandlick Rd, Frying Pan Lane, Fuzzy Lane, Homer Trail

The funniest thing we saw today was three school buses chopped down full of hay bales. They passed us back and forth for 10 miles. I can't believe a school bus can hold that much weight- hope there weren't any kids on there too.

Thought for the day- We are so blessed with the great country we live in. I have been amazed at the natural beauty of every state we have crossed. I have also been disappointed in the people who don't take care of it. Trash on the sides of the road, trash in the rivers. We all have to do our part to keep it clean. Virginia so far has had great roads. Kentucky could really use some work. Take some pride in where you live!
Modified School bus tractor
3 hay haulers

Beautiful Virginia

Our friend, Michael Cardon came to visit

More Virginia scenery


  1. You are incredible!!! You are inspiring thousands! Keep up the great work!

  2. Virginia looks beautiful! You are amazing and inspiring! Those school buses