Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 32- Hills, Hollers and Licks

Today was a great day! Why?? Because our bike is fixed and rode like a champ! We stopped at the Danville Bike Shop and the owner, Earnst was so attentive and knowledgeable, He fixed all of our problems and got us safely back on the road. Come to find out he rode a tandem across the US with his 10 year old son. Small world. Danville has a lot of history about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Constitution, etc. I love all of these small towns! The people are great and like to entertain you. One thing we learned today was Kentucky vernacular. A hill is really a mountain, a holler is a valley and a lick is an area where salt is found naturally. so many places back east have the name lick in them, so we had to ask what it meant! We visited with a family at an ice cream stop and asked how far to the next town. "Well, yer will go past all the licks and then down the holler and flat for 6 miles." Ok, thanks! This little store looked like it was out of business until we saw the family eating outside. It was the best ice cream sundaes we have found! I had to order through a screen that was held on by duck tape and he was smoking as he fixed it, but seriously great ice cream.
One exciting moment today was a dog started chasing us. We had just bought some dog spray at the bike shop in Danville. So as Bob was yelling, I took aim and got him right in the face. It is like a pepper spray and only stuns him for a few minutes. But my aim was right on and he sat down and didn't bark or whine. Just put his face down. I don't think he will chase cyclists anymore. The scariest part is if the dog gets in front of your tire when you are going down a hill.

Thought for the day- Mishaps can turn into great experiences. We weren't supposed to be in Danville, but because the bike needed a mechanic we ended up seeing a lovely town, met a great guy at the bike shop, and took a wonderful detour seeing all kinds of colleges, art, and landscape. I appreciate the unexpected mystery of the unplanned events of our trip.
Historic Danville

Historic Danville

Typical Kentucky landscape

Freezer Ette

Earnst fixed our bike!
Hills and Hollers going up Big Hill

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