Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 30- Funeral, wedding, parade, county yardsale, tractor and car show and a checker tournament- Life is good in Kentucky

We headed out of Itica with a forecast of rain. It only sprinkled a little in the late afternoon. As we rounded a corner, a herd of Shetland ponies was loose on the road stopping traffic. The owner didn't look too happy. I asked him if he was the one that left the gate open and he yelled, "yes, what do you think?"- like his wife had already yelled at him. It was classic! We kept on climbing up the hills and then rolling down the other side. Gears kept slipping..The problem was we have worn out some teeth on our chain rings so needed to find a bike shop again. Very difficult to climb in the big ring. We sounded like we were dying trying to grind up the hills as we huffed and puffed in a high gear. We found a bike shop after 78 miles and Adam replaced all 3 chain rings. Much better!! Now we are ready for the Appalachians.

We came upon a cute little town- Fordsville. They were having a county wide yard sale. Every house had a garage sale sign and traffic was backed up for miles. In town was a classic car show, a tractor show and all kinds of booths. Just as we pulled out of town, there was a sign in a yard for a checker tournament at 10 am! We rode a couple more miles and a cop car passes up with his lights on, then a hearse, then a whole line of cars with funeral flags waving. I made the remark that all we needed was a wedding to complete the day. Sure enough, when we hit Buffalo, there was a wedding going on in a yard. Ya gotta love it! I smiled all day.

Thought of the day- We met a family with two young boys at a gas station. The boys had never seen a tandem bike and had a lot of questions. I gave them some bracelets and stickers and Janis gave them each $2 so they could go to the yard sales. One of the boys made a comment that stuck with me for the rest of the day. He was impressed that the three of us were riding our bikes across America. He said "someday I'm gonna do that too". I love that he was impressed at a young age to do something big. I really believe he will ride his bike across America. We all leave impressions on people. This young boy had never seen a tandem and couldn't believe this bike could go across America. His desire to be and do something out of the ordinary from what his friends and family know will spark him to be a leader.
Horses loose on the road

tobacco barn
Horses on the road


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