Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 28- Are we done yet?

Day 27 was so darn hard. I wanted to just go home! The hills never ended and they were steep! Like 18%. I thought about throwing up many times but Bob's back was in the way. Missouri is so pretty but the hills are monsters. We were in the Ozarks yesterday so there was no internet. Even though the roads are skinny, no shoulders, and mean dogs.... I still liked Missouri. My dad came up with a great! idea for our handle bars. Hand fatigue is setting in as we ride day after day. So he got some pipe insulation and then athletic bandages and fixed up our handle bars! It worked great! Then he fixed me up with a spray bottle to keep the dogs away. It has been an adventure for sure!!

I have posted only the good stuff- but I got to tell ya all...This is hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. I am homesick, sore, tired, miss my work, miss my dogs. Whining... But as I go through these small towns of America, I am saddened by the poverty. We saw sign after sign of EBT accepted here and small food pantries in towns with less than 500 people, But we also saw church after church after church. There is so much patriotism and good neighbor living in these small towns. Last night we were in a town of less than 100 people. A man offered to give my dad a ride in the back of his truck to go check out a campsite. Genuine friendliness and goodwill abounds in the Ozark Hills.
Today we crossed the mighty Mississippi and rode into Illinois. We met up with the statue of Popeye! Only 12 days left of this journey. We have ridden over 2600 miles and still have over 1000 to go.

Thought for the day-Many of us want to quit something at one time or another. Sometimes we are labeled as quitters. There is a certain strength that comes with finishing a task. Once you learn that, you realize you can finish a lot of hard things. This bike ride has been the hardest thing that Bob and I have ever done. It is mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. There are days when I think I can't ride another minute, let alone another mile. There are times when I am yelling from the back to step it up or pedal faster (it's my job to yell). There are times when we have to take turns being the motivator. "Good days and bad days and going half mad days"- Jimmy Buffett
Found a replacement tandem

We made it-thought I was going to drop!

Mennonite Meat Store

New handles courtesy of Ralph

47 churches in one day

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