Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 26- Missouri(Misery) loves company- ouch, ouch

We climbed over 6000 ft today in 104 miles. I can hardly stay awake to write this blog. That is how tired I am. We went up a hill, then we went down a hill, then we went up, etc. The scenery was the same as yesterday and we saw a lot of cows. One noteworthy observance- Missouri loves Dr. Pepper. We only saw Dr. Pepper cans on the side of the road, no beer cans.

I want to take today to thank the sponsors who have helped us so far. It takes a strong community to make a change. I need to make a plea to all of you reading the blog. All donations from donations and sponsors goes to Switchpoint. None of it is being used to fund this trip. I wanted to bring about awareness of the homeless situation in America and gather and share data with different shelters. I wanted to raise funds to meet our need. If each person donates $20, it will add up to help Switchpoint meet the needs of those families who need assistance. Please forward our blog to all of your friends. It is easy to donate on the blog site under the donate tab.

Thank you to Therapia Addiction Healing Center, AJ Construction, Cherry Creek Radio, Power Image, Brand Iconic, TechnaGlass, Bicycles Unlimited, On Target Pest Control, Adams Construction, SUHBA, Feed My Fit, Idaho Lawn, Jeff Hollowell and Anna and John Tadlock. Thank you to all of you who have given funds. Many of you have and I appreciate your generosity.

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