Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 25-Missouri here we come!

Today we crossed the border into Missouri. First thing we saw was an antique store. Arnie was the owner and was incredibly knowledgeable of the history of the area. He was a book fanatic and had a German Bible prayer book that was from the 1880's. Arnie set the tone of how friendly people have been in Missouri. It is a lush green setting with rolling hills that go up and down and up and down. One climb was a 16% grade! The elevation profile looks like an EKG heart problem profile.
We rolled into Lockwood and saw five men sitting on the bench having a Sunday discussion. I hopped off and started up a conversation with these locals. I love small town America. They are patriotic, friendly, kind and helpful. Missouri is clean and the yards all mowed perfectly. I have to say that grass grows everywhere!

Thought for the day- Jimmy Buffett- I know I quote him a lot- has a song that I totally love. It is called Remittance Man. Here is one verse. Listen to the whole song if you can.

"Sinner on the mainland he's a sinner on the sea
He looks for absolution not accountability
How many destinations oh God he's seen them all
He collects his precious pittance never a port of call
Remittance Man
Black sheep of the family clan broke too many rules along the way
Remittance Man
So far away from home no they'll never understand
The Remittance Man
A man of empty pockets from jingling his change
The idleness and grieving for all that he retains
By the harbor lights of Sydney or the Bora Bora moon
He recites his sad confession to the seagulls and the loons"

Read more: Jimmy Buffett - Remittance Man Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

I thought all day about the many people I have met at Switchpoint who have broke too many rules, lost their families, and wander all over the US because they have no where to put down roots. Many of them have been a black sheep with their family and have burned all of their bridges. What I have learned on this trip is that many shelters continue to love and serve those "Remittance Men". The Safe Haven Shelter in Parsons, Kansas was having three baptisms today with people who have chosen to change their lives and stop "breaking all the rules." I think about Tim- a client at Switchpoint who I have known for 4 years. He is a Remittance Man and just wants to be loved, just wants to have a home- but he breaks the rules of alcohol(alcoholic). My hope is he can accept help and make a change. 
Rolling hills of Missouri

Trains are abundant in this part of the US

Lockwood Guys - how cool is that?

Terry - Thanks for riding!

Welcome to Missouri- only 4 states left

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