Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 24- No pain, No Gain - according to Terry

Today was a huge day! Bob and Terry took off from Cassoday in the morning in hopes of riding 100 plus miles to reach our appointment in Parsons. Terry has not ridden a bike very much- in fact she has never rode over 10 miles. She is a pioneer stock woman according to her husband and is very stubborn. By lunch time, they had accomplished over 65 miles. We had to take a little bump to catch up to Parsons and when we arrived, the Safe Haven Shelter had balloons on the mailbox, a party in the back yard, fried chicken dinners and guests with so much passion and desire to serve those in need. Melissa and her staff were so accommodating as they gave us a tour of their facility and then we sat down for a good couple of hours to share stories and share insight. It was so uplifting to be with the Safe Haven group. They opened five years ago and have served over 300 people! They have a wonderful community that stepped up and helped build them a chapel. After we visited, Bob and Terry hopped back on the bike and rode another 30 miles. So proud of Terry! She is amazing in her determination.
So thought for the day- When you have goals, it takes determination to complete them. It takes guts, pain and a plan! Terry is proof that you don't have to be accomplished at riding to ride 100 miles. She went through pain- with more pain to come tomorrow. But she smiled through the whole thing and stuck with it. Some of the clients we met today have gone through the same kind of pain. I met with Jason- a recovering alcoholic who lost everything, then was diagnosed with cancer. He gave up all hope and tried to kill himself. A friend checked in on him and saved his life. After this experience he met his now wife and realized he had a purpose. His desire to complete his goal of being a better father and husband is what is keeping him sober now. He has a good job and a wonderful support system at Safe Haven. I was proud to meet with Jason as he shared his story and how he has saved enough to move into a house! Keep going Jason and don't give up!
My relief for a day- Terry Hartke!

Mark and Melissa from the Safe Haven Shelter in Parson's, Kansas

Melissa and I in the Chapel at Safe Haven

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  1. Thanks again for stopping by Safe Haven!!! We thoroughly enjoyed your visit. We learned a lot from you and we hope you learned a lot from our little shelter!! God Bless you on your journey and we'll be covering you in prayer as you reach Washington DC!!!