Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 23- Two great shelter visits!

Today we woke up and decided to drive the 28 miles to Wichita so I could visit the Union Rescue Mission. I met with Denny, the executive director for a tour and their mission. I have to say that in this shelter, I felt so peaceful. The minute I walked in, there was a notable difference in the air. Part of it could have been the entry with the water feature or the chapel right in view. It could have been the quiet hum of people busy at work. I was impressed with the programs for life change, the desire of the staff to accept everyone and their faults. The Union Rescue Mission is a faith based mission (serve men only) which runs on donations only. No federal or state monies. I noted that Wichita is a very generous community.

Next we visited the Newton Homeless shelter. Again, this was a faith based mission but they were struggling financially. It was a small shelter that served families, men and women. I met a client named John. He had lost his wife to cancer 13 years ago and started driving. He said he couldn't handle the grief. Finally he got a job at the carnival and he worked there for 7 years. He had just found an apartment today that he could afford! His story is very similar to others I have met at Switchpoint. Men in their 70's who couldn't cope with loss and became homeless. Very heartbreaking.

My friend, Terry Hartke drove in tonight from Austin, Texas. She is willing to take my spot on the back and give my buns and legs a rest. What a true friend!! Hope she still likes me after her day is over. One thing we have noticed in Kansas- people are so friendly in small towns. Love it!!
Denny- Union Rescue Mission Wichita
John- Newton Shelter
Made it to Cassoday Kansas
Newton Shelter

Denny and I


  1. I love hearing about your adventures and the other homeless shelters you see along the way! Earlier this week I was in NYC and saw many homeless people on the streets. It was so sad! They were sleeping on benches and sidewalks. We even saw one man that had swollen feet double their size and I wondered how he could even walk. Thank goodness for Switchpoint and other shelters throughout the country that help people in need and people like Carol and Bob that are determined to make a difference! Keep on pedalin'!

  2. Im lucky to know you! Your inspiring and amazing and I love reading about your journey! Your truley an angel yourself here on this earth sent to help so many! Thanks for raising awareness and being so fun and awesome! You can do it!!