Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 22- Roadkill

Today we started off with nice cool temperatures and some humidity. We were headed to Buhler from Larned. In the first few miles we knew it was going to be a weird day. We have seen a lot of dead deer on this trip but nothing compares to the variety we saw today. Four snakes, two skunks, two turtles, one heron, one badger, one armadillo and 4 birds. I was very sad since this part of Kansas is like going through a Wildlife Safari ride. There really wasn't even very much traffic. We took a wrong turn and ended up with an extra 6 miles today. My bad! As we approached Buhler the sky started to darken and we knew something was brewing in the skies. We sat on a bench and waited for dad and two different ladies came and told us to keep riding because they were expecting large hail and extremely strong winds. So we hopped back on the bike and rode another 16 to Hesston. We are hunkered down for the night because the storm looks like it will hit in the next couple of hours.
I am excited to visit the Wichita homeless shelters tomorrow. Should be very educational and enlightening.
Kid doing push ups on the road! 

This is how all the roads should be! 
Saving a turtle from certain roadkill death

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