Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 21- Change of Guards (Sag)

Today we woke up to Fog Soup. It was so thick it felt like riding through a massive headwind. We couldn't see more than 400 meters in front of us and the traffic probably couldn't see us that well either. It wasn't cold, but the moisture was dripping off our helmets. We left later than normal because we thought it would clear up a bit, but it took 30 miles until the sun broke through. This 30 miles got me thinking....Poverty Soup.....The thickness and overwhelming helplessness that I felt with the fog can be a metaphor for the cycle of poverty. Families get trapped in this thick soup of debt, joblessness, sickness or family stress. They can't see the light or a way out because the set of circumstances are so thick! At Switchpoint, our case managers and Circles Initiative help families get out of the Poverty Soup.
We saw three dead snakes on the road. I have got to quit jumping out of the bike clips when we see snakes or tarantulas. We did ask Steve- airport manager in Larned if they were rattle snakes. He said most likely bull snakes. That makes me feel better
Today was our change of the guard. David Dangerfield and Don Muller left after our ride today. They gave us 12 days of support, driving, riding, cooking, smiling and singing. I am going to miss these two sags! The new sag is my dad. He flew from Oregon to pick up the motor home and then drove to Kansas in 2 days as fast as he could to catch up with us in Kansas. I can't even tell you how happy I was to see him and the wagon! He will be with us until we hit DC and then fly home to Oregon. We have had so many supportive people on this trip. Couldn't have made it without them all.

David and Don waving goodbye

Kansas Line- Bob and David

Camping out at the Larned Airport with Ralph

Friend going West Bound

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