Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 20- halfway done

Today we got an early start and made 80 miles before lunch. We made it to Kansas and have seen more flies than I care to admit. We started off with a tailwind and with 26 miles to go it turned into a headwind. We saw another cyclist, his name is Gustav and he is from Sweden. His trip started in Seattle. He was needing an adventure vacation. I couldn't believe how fast he could ride while he was carrying all his gear! We tried to block the wind for him, but I think we were just slowing him down. I have been impressed today by the pay it forward attitude here in Kansas.  First, we were in a small town getting ice when a guy came over and gave us his bag of ice. He complimented us on our journey and wished us luck. Then, our new friends Janis, Richard and Tom paid for the dinner of a family who then bought someone else's dinner. The darling little boy came over and said thank you to her so sweetly. I will add, that we found out she paid for our dinner too. Very kind of her!
We got to the city park to camp for the night and a nice guy walked over and said, "the sprinklers will turn on tonight. Only on Tuesday. " So Bob went across the street, knocked on a door and asked the guy if we could put our tent in his yard. He said yes! We were visiting with a nice couple from Wichita who helped us move our tent over and then they invited us to stay with them when we went through their town. Thank you Gary and Shelley.
Thought for the day- people are generally kind, considerate and generous. I appreciate meeting new people every day who make a difference in their space, their world.
I will post pictures tomorrow when we find WiFi.

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