Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 19- Angels among us

We finally made it out of mountains and are gaining some speed. We rode from Pueblo to Eads today. Mostly flat with rolling hills. We rode past a lady on her bike and her sag was very enthusiastic cheering everyone on. She has just got back from Afghanistan after 6 years working on a contract for the government.  She decided that before she went home, she should reunite with American soil so she flew straight to the west coast, bought a bike and started riding. She is 64, but in great shape. She has run 64 marathons. Her brother and husband are sagging for her. Her cause is "Helpoursoldiers ". We enjoyed riding by her and then shared dinner together. She is one tough cookie! I have enjoyed meeting so many inspiring people on this trip.
At dinner, we met an amazing woman named Peggy. She shared her experience working with a shelter. She wasn't able to have kids of her own and had started working with some foster programs.  One night they got a call. A nurse had been working at the shelter and had noticed three little kids in dire medical situations, she tried to get the parents to take them to hospital but they wouldn't. Child services was called and the children were taken care of and removed from the parents care. Patty was given a chance to adopt these three children - age 2,3 and 5. Now they are 18, 19 and 21. She loves these children! A year after they adopted Patty tried to find the nurse to thank her. The shelter said there was never a nurse who worked there. Patty believes angels saved those children. I do too!
Another food pantry

Janis, riding for soliders and to reconnect to USA

Sweet Patty, darling lady

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