Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 18- don't give up!

We left Salida this morning with beautiful weather.  Followed the river for quite a while until we turned up into the mountains again.  We passed by so many gorgeous ranches. Mile after mile of rolling hills and meadows with cattle.  Colorado is so amazing in landscapes!  We stopped for lunch in a little town called Silver Creek.  Made our spot in front of a museum that didn't open until 1, if it even did open.
Finally, we headed down through the canyon towards Pueblo.
Favorite event of the day was our stop at the Wayside Rescue Mission. John and Jen gave me a tour and shared their experience of being homeless and how they came to work at the shelter. Jen brought me to tears as she shared her testimony and her strength.  What a powerful story.  I met with Barb, client, she shared her life journey with me which will be in our finished film. What an energetic and spunky soul. She used to feed people out of her school bus! The Wayside is a faith based shelter housing men and women. They need more donations! I was so impressed with the staff and how passionate they all were about serving others. The motto of the shelter is "never give up" which was perfect for the bracelets I left with them say the same thing . As I walked back to the truck, a volunteer named Debbie showed up and told me about her dinner in the parks efforts.  She was so kind as well. I was reminded again of how much need there is and how many good people there are.
Debbie,  meal volunteer

John and Jen at the Wayside Rescue Mission 

Colorado mountains

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