Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 17- you can conquer anything with friends

Today was wet! It rained all night in Garrison. Iohan, a friend of ours who is "the bike wanderer", gave Bob the day off and rode in the front seat with me from Garrison to Salida. It was a shorter mile day because we climbed over 4000 ft to a summit of 11,312. The monarch pass on the continental divide. We actually stopped and talked with a man who was homeless and looking for a ride to Pueblo.  I offered him food and drink but he only wanted a ride. So I called the sag team of Don and Bob and they stopped and asked him too. He was traveling south to find work and get out of the cold. All his belongings were in a black plastic bag.
Iohan was so fast! He is 30 years younger than Bob and bikes for a living, so we powered along at a good clip. As I thought about how much easier it was today, it put into perspective that life is easier with friends. I have been blessed with many good friends who have lifted me up over the years. Many of them, like Iohan I met because we took a chance to help someone.  By hosting Iohan, through a cycling website, we gained a lifetime friend and now share a love of cycling.  Not only did Iohan ride all day with me up a huge mountain, but he donated his best day of work this summer of planting trees to the breaking the cycles campaign.  He has a servant's heart with huge compassion for others.
Iohan makes this look easy

David"Billy goat" climbing the mountain 

Made it up the pass

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  1. What a blessing it was to meet Carol! As she and I met I could see the joy in her face as the reward of what she is committed to, raising awareness to battle homelesness! I could tell by her Spirited glow that she came 'bearing gifts'. After talking with her, and feeling quite comfortable as I shared my testimony too, I might add, I could sense a kindred spirit in her. A very sincere, sensitive & humble woman of God. I have to say, I was the one crying. I sometimes forget that we are a part of something special & quite wonderful in serving the homeless community together. It is the very nature and heart of Christ. I love what God has me doing here, but at times it is almost overwhelming. The challenges we face, that we see our clients face and their struggles daily can be taxing & often discouraging. I was right when I said that Carol came bearing gifts. Gifts of inspiration, encouragment, hope & motivation to NOT GIVE UP! My brother John was the first to meet the 'crew' as they came and as he shared the powerful testimony of his transformation from homelesness and parole to serving Christ here the men that were dropped off were moved. We have alot of needs here, most all are met regularly as we have a great support from our commnity and churches, but we are struggling. So, when you see people fighting WITH you it can only help you to keep up the "Good Fight"! Thanks Carol & crew! It is great to know that there are others who know that it could be ANYONE'S Mom or Dad, Sister or brother, daughter or son and care to try and BREAK THE CYCLE NOW! Can't wait to hear more about your journey...,we'll be following you here at PRM; ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON!
    You GO girl!