Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 14- 3 states done and 6 to go

We left Blanding in the morning and headed uphill to Monticello. Not kidding... we then turned East towards Cortez, Colorado.  This turned into the land of the Roly poly's. Up a hill, down a hill, repeat for the next 69 miles. This is beautiful country and come to find out they grow a lot of pinto beans here. Everyone we have run into in Cortez has been friendly.  Once we rolled into Cortez, we stopped at the emergency shelter. Bridges is a seasonal shelter that opens from October to April.  The concern is the added need this year and the lack of space. Same thing we have heard a long our trip. This small shelter is facing the same struggles of not enough room, not enough funding and clients who work but don't make enough to pay rent. One pattern that remains the same is the lack of affordable housing. Doesn't matter what community we have visited- there needs more affordable housing.
Bike mural at the cortez shelter 

Bridges  shelter

David hitting it big time in Colorado 

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