Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 13-A legend never dies

Today was the longest day ever! It looked the same for 120 miles. Every where you look, The Duke, aka John Wayne was looming.  Duke restaurant, duke gas station, duke hotel, duke chaps..etc. Everyone in southwest utah loves The Duke. Well my legend is David,the Duke Dangerfield. He climbs mountains like Lance Armstrong. Every day we start out and he takes off like a jack rabbit.  I hope I am in half as good of shape when I am his age.  We have had many discussions as we ride about his career in mental health.  His vast experience and expertise are a godsend to Switchpoint.  I have now dubbed him The Duke of Switchpoint.
Much of today was spent in silence as we counted the miles. I can only imagine how someone with a mental health issue feels-isolated, lonely and overwhelmed.  When I watched the vast, barren landscape roll by that is how I felt. We didn't see any cyclists today and one part of our ride,  over 50 miles of no cars. I need people!!
On the road from hanksville
Lots of rock formations in canyons 

Dirty devil river 

Lunch break at airport runway 

David and Don, sag wag captains 


  1. Saw a quote at the hospital by John Duk,e Wayne: "Courage means being frightened as "heck" but getting up on the saddle anyway". Keep on truckin' Carol


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