Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spontaneous Saturday Ride with Baron

So Baron agreed to take lead on the tandem today, but only if we didn't ride more than 30 miles. We set out around 9 am- because he slept in- and headed toward Gunlock. As we rode through Ivins, we saw a stand with a fundraiser sign advertising breakfast. So we stopped and had breakfast sandwiches and orange juice. Back on the bike we rode along until Baron saw the Animal Shelter we stopped and played with Samson- a big black pitbull who loved water. Back on the bike we rode to Kayenta and stopped at the Xetava cafe for a bowl of fruit and more orange juice. Baron's friend, Ashley joined us and we visited for an hour. Back on the bike we headed home. That my friends is how you do a spontaneous 30 miles in 4 hours. Certainly wasn't tired but enjoyed the day with Baron.
Breakfast of champions on the side of the road

Xetava rest stop. Beautiful setting!

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