Saturday, August 29, 2015

Doing hard things because you love someone

Today was by far the hardest day. We started from Cedar and climbed all day, not kidding. We can say that it was beautiful weather and pretty scenery. We climbed 5908 ft in 58 miles. Brutal day. This ride is dedicated to my sister Anna. She is a monster hill climber and would have loved today's ride. Her wreck got me thinking about poverty and how a family with a weak support system goes hand in hand. I am blessed with a family that supports each other and always has your back. Many families in poverty experience a breakdown like divorce, single parent families,  domestic violence,  or a lack of unconditional love.  Families are the glue to strong communities. Cultures who still take care of their elders seem to exhibit strong ties of respect and support. In poverty, there can be constant let down and broken promises.  One thing about my sister is she attends a lot of family events in a lot of different states. She jumps in her car and travels anywhere to be with family. Perfect example was her and her husband driving 7 hours to ride two brutal days with me. Thank you Anna and John.
Before we left Cedar, I stopped at th e Iron County Care and Share. They have a beautiful clean shelter and I interviewed two residents who expressed great appreciation for the chance to stay there. One guy said it was the best food he has ever had! We are lucky to have such a well run facility in Southern Utah.
Huge shout out to David and Don for sagging for the next couple of weeks. I know it is a huge sacrifice to be away from family that long. We appreciate all the support! Another shout out to April, she doesn't even know us but gave my brother in law a ride from Cedar to Panguitch to get his car. Good Samaritans abound!

Shelter in Cedar

New sag drivers, David and Don
Anna, being picked up by ambulance


  1. Unconditional love is God's love n thank you for yours. Keep on keeping on.

  2. family is everything; now so many people have been adopted by their new family at Switchpoint! and you and Bob are adopting people throughout the