Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day 9- The good, the bad and the Ugly!

We were so excited to have some family join us on the ride from Milford to St. George! My sister, Anna and her husband John drove down from Idaho Falls to ride with us from Milford to Panguitch. So excited!! We started out and in the first mile Anna got a flat tire. She had run over a goat head. No problem! I found a quarter- bonus. We fixed that right up.Started again. At mile 21 David Dangerfield and his buddy Don, joined us. David rode with us to Cedar. Anna was a beast going uphills. We could not catch her! On the downhills we were able to catch her and David. So proud of Anna for the tough rider she is! She "puts skinny minny's to shame". Then due to time constraints we took a bump to HWY 18 so we could make it to our party. First stop Veyo Pie- we needed sugar because it was so blasted hot! So we bought 2 pies.. Started off again. We started the descent down HWY 18 on the bike path. Anna doesn't like steep downhills, so she got off her bike and walked the first one. As we crossed the bike path onto Bluff, Anna crashed hard. Major road rash and concussion- but no broken bones! We are so sad because she really wanted to ride to Panguitch! She looks like she was in a Rocky movie which is funny because she wanted Eye of the Tiger played on the road.We didn't get her patched up until late so we decided to sleep at home and leave for Panguitch in the morning.

The highlight of the day was seeing my team at the park. I have the best staff! My board is amazing as well. Tim, Jim and David- thanks for manning the booth with your wives. They are passionate and love serving others! Huge thanks to the bike patrol! Loved having you escort us into town. St. George community is an awesome example of how people can come together to solve problems.

Thought for the day- Flies can be so annoying. I think we have carried the same family of flies since Sacramento! Flies are pesky, persistent and pain...why can't we get rid of them? Many of the addictions and bad habits that create poverty are like flies. We swat at them, we try to kill them. But they keep coming around- bringing their cousins with them. The only way to get rid of flies is to ride so fast they can't catch us or use a tool-like a fly swatter. The tools like AA/NA, case managers, education and counseling are like a fly swatter. We can get rid of addiction flies with those fly swatters.
Anna and John enjoying the first 25 miles!

I love my team!!! They are the best!


  1. So happy that you have an abundance of support for this ride! Carol, your biker chic tan lines rock!

  2. Awwwwww Anna!! Ouchie mama! So sorry that happened! Safe travels home!

  3. Ouch anna banana, hope your brain heals quickly.

  4. Anna, so very sorry for your spill but so thankful no broken bones. You are a winner like your sister!!! Rose Marie