Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 8- Just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling!

Today we woke up and the weather was perfect! It was a little chill in the morning but no headwind and not too hot! Best weather day we have had. We had 2 major hills to climb and the Frisco pass kicked our butts! I had to sing the Finding Nemo song to myself...just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling. A helicopter flew over and saw us and the guy waved. He must have thought we were crazy to be riding out in the middle of nowhere.

It was a very long quiet 75 miles only 4 cars passed us. So we started looking for things at the side of the road. Bob has a good eye for tools. So we are now the proud owners of a crescent wrench.
We also passed by the only 3 trees east of Fallon today! They were growing on the side of the road as lonely as can be. We did see some wild horses, cows, lots of antelope and mucho bunnies.

Thought of the day- Like so many things in life- we all want to quit when the going gets rough. I see this every day at work. I see it with myself on a diet or exercise plan, etc. Today was the going gets rough part. Day 8 of riding every day and I will admit quite lonely. I love to be around people and sitting on the back of the bike is not like being at work. We faced some tough climbs on very tired legs today and it took everything we had to push through and keep pedaling. One special person comes to mind-This lady has a disability. She suffers from seizures and has a hard time getting a job because employers are afraid to hire her. She has worked with her case manager for 11 months of turning her life around, becoming independent, getting and staying in housing, etc. Many times she wanted to give up because changing is so hard. But she stuck with it and her life is remarkably different today than it was 11 months ago. She has income, a nice apartment and dignity!

Video of plane passing us yesterday

Frisco Pass

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  1. It takes a village. Just reading your journey gives me courage to know that my husband wll
    beat his illness and he and I can go bike riding together again. Rose Marie