Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 7-Ely to Garrison, UT- Rain, planes and automobiles

Day 7- I can't believe we have been riding for 7 straight days! That is almost 700 miles. We have climbed over 24,700 ft and only had 3 flat tires.The weather was at least cooler as we headed out of Ely. We had passed through Ely 6 years ago this month on a voyage to find ourselves when the depression hit. Another Jimmy Buffett song comes to mind- "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, nothing remains quite the same. We decided on this trip to move to St. George. What a change in attitude came with the southern latitude change. We have met some great people and I love my job!!

Events of the day- 1. One semi wouldn't move over and blew us off the road. As a mental note, Nevada drivers don't like cyclists. 2. I saw 26 dead deers and one dead elk. 3. Choice of beer based on what is on side of road is Coors Light. 4. Highway 50 really is the loneliest road.

As we were climbing the last huge pass, 7 state police passed us and used their loud speaker to tell us a wide load was coming. How odd, right?? So we pulled over and sure enough a truck was hauling a King Air plane down the road. It was crazy! It apparently had an off airport landing.

We finally hit the Utah border and we were trying to beat the storm. We had wind all day and some rain and just as we got to camp, rain, thunder and lightening started. It should be a fun night to watch. I love the thunder storms. I am super proud of Bob for climbing all the hills and mountains. He hasn't complained one time. I have only cried once from fatigue but quickly regrouped.

Today's ride is dedicated to a client of Switchpoint who has never given up. She has been through so much and yet she has overcome her "mountains of despair". "P" has learned so much about herself over the last year, been sober for over 10 months and has a good job. I love "P" new change in attitude. She has found with support and resources she can start a new leaf and become who she wants to be.
At top of a summit was this cool company!

Rain storm that followed us all day

Bob excited for some color in our ride

Finally- 2 states done!!! Whoo hoo!


  1. Great job to both of you. David and I are looking forward to meeting as you arrive at St George.

  2. You are amazing, Carol and Bob! Can't wait to see you soon!!!

  3. We are so proud of you guys and your great attitudes!

  4. you are doing it Carol. No doubt you will make it and on schedule. The world will be waiting
    for you in D.C. Rose Marie

  5. P.S. just cut and pasted this segment and sent it to my friend in Ely. Sorry she missed you.