Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 5- Eureka and man is Nevada hot and boring!

Day 5 - I felt much better. A good night sleep, lots of liquids and a Tylenol PM does wonders. We set out of Austin by 8 am and immediately started a climb. Austin is in the mountains and the only way out is up and over. We ended up crossing 3 passes on our way to Eureka. Hot weather but we stayed well hydrated and made it to Eureka in time for a patty melt. Only mistake today was not enough sunscreen...
Lots of climbing today

There was a small grocery store and a guy was in his car waiting for the cashier to bring him his groceries. He had a hard time talking because his larynx was gone and he had some mental health issues as well. I walked over to his station wagon and he was so happy to have someone to talk to. His name was tattooed on his arm- www- goes by 3 w. He made gestures and grunt noises but I was able to get the gist of what he was saying. He loved his bracelet and sticker I gave him. He has hitch hiked across the US 2 times.
Welcome to Eureka 
Lesson of the day- 40 days!! Listening to Zac Brown on the long hot ride it occurred to me that 40 days is a long time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?? "When I was a baby child my daddy said to me, many mountains we must climb before we'll be free. But he never told me about the bruises on my knees. How they would be the map that leads him where we need to be. And oh that storm came down forty days and forty nights". We will have storms along the way- all of us. But the storms don't last forever. Even Noah had a storm for only 40 days. The ride today is dedicated to my friend "Jerry", a former resident at Switchpoint. His storm has lasted him 40 years. He rode his bike all over the country searching for peace and freedom from his chains. I hope he remembers to get on his knees. Jerry motivated me to get on a bike again.


  1. Good luck out there and be safe!!!

    Love the AJ Construction Crew

  2. you have all of St. George following you; and all the people you have helped at Switchpoint; and soon you will be able to add people all over the country who have been inspired by your
    good will and determination. Riding100 miles a day on level ground is hard enough. But you climb mountains every day so I am not surprised that each morning you take on the challenge of even greater mountains. Rose Marie