Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 11- Utah is the prettiest state!

We started our day in Panguitch and headed out towards Bryce Canyon. The Red Canyon is a beautiful ride.  A perfect way to spend Sunday. That is until we started the hill climbs again.  We had passed through Henrieville and saw a cyclist loaded down with gear. So we flagged him down to chat. Adnan is from Pakistan and he started his journey in New York.  He has been on the road 49 days. Of course I asked him if he had lost any weight and he has lost 20 lbs since riding. He has had an incredible journey so far. We loved hearing what to look for since we are traveling the same road backwards. I gave him a bracelet and he is going to follow our blog.
Adnan,  fellow cyclist 
After we met him, we met a lot more mountains and got slower by the minute. David and Don were waiting for us at a lunch spot and kept asking people if they had seen a tandem. The German visitors said, "oh yes, but they are very slow." We did visit with a nice family from Southern Germany and they were spending four weeks in America touring the natonal parks. We hit the Grand Staircase and then a rain storm hit us. It was a race to the finish, Boulder. We were going to camp. But the rains took that idea away. Had the best meal of the trip so far at a small diner called Burr Trail Grill. Excellent burgers, pie and beet salad! Rico was super friendly with good tips of the area.
Day 12- We headed out of Boulder with a huge mountain climb ahead. Luckily, we both felt pretty good. Made it to the summit of The Baldy and felt on top of the world. Then we encountered Roly poly hills the rest of the day. Capital Reef was stunning and Bob even stopped to pick apples and peaches. 
Thought for the day- grind, just grind. None of us have the perfect life. Things happen, life gets in the way sometimes.  The Circles USA initiative is nationwide and Switchpoint embraces the model as a way to help families break out of poverty. This functions best when Allies in middle class are matched up with those in poverty. This creates a network and strength that lifts up these families and helps them grind on. We have seen some amazing individuals in our Circles group who have broken out of poverty because the put one foot in front of the other every day, even when it was hard. They worked through the obstacles and "flat tires" with the help of their Allie and learned the social rules of middle class. I have had 12 days grinding pedal after pedal thinking and thinking. If we as Americans are going to change our poverty and homeless issues, we must show up and allow these individuals and families into our social networking circles. Teach, friend and love them out of poverty. We have seen it happen.

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