Friday, July 24, 2015

Safety lessons for the day!

So today we set out for a long ride since it was a quiet day at work. We were 5 miles into our ride and saw a biker down on the ground not moving. He had hit a parking curb and was catapulted from his bike and face planted. Totally unconscious. I jumped off the bike and ran over to see how he was. He was out for a couple of minutes and his face was pretty messed up. We found his wallet, called his wife and told her to meet the ambulance at the hospital.

  1. Safety Tip #1- Always carry ID- we never have but I will from now on.
  2. Safety Tip #2- Unlock your phone passwords when you ride. He couldn't remember his wife's phone number.
  3. Safety Tip #3- Watch out for curbs. I am recommending first thing Monday morning for the Parks Department to paint parking curbs.
  4. Safety Tip #4-Be an observant rider. I caught him out of the corner of my eye and made Bob stop. 

We did continue on and rode to Snow Canyon Park again. Then we rode to hospital to see how he was doing. I went and talked to him and his wife. Broken neck, broken nose, brain bleed, broken occipital bone and broken front tooth. They were taking in him for surgery.

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  1. Grateful you were there to stop and help! Also thanks so much for the riding tips. Your awesome