Sunday, July 26, 2015

Conquered UTAH Mountain! This ride dedicated to David Dangerfield and Randy Naron.

We set out at 8 am to ride to Beaver Dam. The intent was to see if we could make it 100 miles with our two pannier packs loaded on the back. We set out feeling pretty strong and stopped every 10 miles for drinks and snacks. By the time we hit the Gunlock turnoff both of us were feeling it in the shorts, literally. My tailbone was killing me. My legs were fine, my lungs were fine, my attitude was fine. Bob did really good. He is impressing me with his improvement. We put in over 350 miles in the 10 days he has been home.
 But we kept on pedaling until we hit the top of the pass. Utah Mountain is a very long incline- the old highway to Mesquite. When we hit the top, but tailbone wouldn't take it anymore so we turned around and headed home to buy new shammie pants. Lesson of the day- don't go cheap with the cycling shorts because they won't last for long miles. At least we still got in 55 miles today. An update on the accident yesterday... he will be off his bike for 3 months but is home and doing much better. He broke his C5 but so glad he is not more seriously damaged. The bright spot in this is I found a new riding partner when he gets better. :)

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  1. Great seeing on the home stretch yesterday! You guys rock.