Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bicycles Unlimited! You saved me.... Only 24 more days

After yesterday's ride, my backside hurt bad... so we went to see Nate and Cindy at Bicycles Unlimited. Great suggestions on new cycle shorts- Sugoi . Pro-cyclers wear this brand and I can see why. The padding is much better and is in a more comfortable position. The butt pad is the most important place to spend money on if you are going to ride 50-100 miles at a time.  So today I threw away the shorts I have had for 10 years.

 Went 25 miles today and no pain! They also suggested new gloves which made a world of difference with my hands. We rode at 5 pm and it was over 100 degrees. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Guess we are getting used to the oven. Bob has to head back to New Mexico in the morning so it is back to single rides. We did get some great rides in the last 10 days. We have lots to do before departure... 

Two big days to keep in mind

  1. August 7- St. George Fest- Mayor and City Council racing trikes to kick off the Breaking the Cycles Tour
  2. August 12- Grand Opening of Switchpoint Pantry

Showing off the new shorts and jerseys. We will be printing in the next two weeks.

Foot bridge in Washington on the new bike trail. It is my favorite trail because the scenery is great and the trail is in excellent condition.

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