Friday, July 31, 2015

19 Days.....Yippee!! My training buddy, David is back.

David Dangerfield made it back safe and sound from France. He said it was an amazing experience. We took off at 6:30 am and rode out to Hurricane Hill behind Sand Hollow Reservoir. David didn't even break a sweat. His climbs in France made these hills look like wimpy mounds. I, on the other hand panted away but I did make it up all of our climbs. The best thing he said was "you have improved a lot!" That made me feel hopeful. David is in incredible shape for being a young 74 years old. He could ride up ahead of me, hop off his bike, take a picture and still beat me up the hill!
This week I am finishing up gathering logos for our jerseys, lining up spots to stay and updating media. The next 19 days are going to go by so fast!

Sand Hollow Hill(Mountain) 

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