Saturday, June 6, 2015

51 Miles- Variable winds mean just keep crabbing!

Today was brutal! I rode 51 miles and it was windy and rainy. Thankfully Bob met me with a sandwich and more water at mile 34. I had a thought today... Weather was variable winds and as I pedaled along I thought about how our lives are variable. Each obstacle and hardship is like a variable wind changing direction with no notice. As I work with the clients as Switchpoint, I see how often these winds change and how overwhelming it can be to keep buffeting these winds. When an airplane is in severe winds the pilot has to crab the plane. This means turning the airplane into the wind to counter the winds that are pushing it.  I sure felt like I was crabbing today on my bike. I wanted to call Bob at mile 47 and quit- but then I thought better- because in real life we don't get to quit. So just keep crabbing!

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